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For over 36 years, Concrete Marketing has been a music industry leader in lifestyle marketing. Also known for our work with strip clubs, we partnered up with Exotic Dance Magazine the “Billboard Magazine” of the adult night club industry to deliver music and promotions to the 2,500+ clubs that they service. Exotic Dancer has built a monthly music section based on our StripJoints program which includes interviews, reviews and related editorial. Check out the music section here. We have been offering our clients StripJoints since 2003, and it continues to be one of our most popular services.

Our StripJoints DJ Pool is a private section of the StripJoints Music Website where DJs can request membership, free of charge. Once vetted, we enagage the DJs membership and he/she can download music from our library of Major and Indy record labels.

The DJ Pool offers exclusive re-mixes, early releases, contests, promotions and info.


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